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What It’s Like Being a Mother and a Healthcare Worker in these trying times.


This is a story shared by a friend about how she is coping with being a healthcare worker in these trying times.

“I am a first time mother and a nurse by profession. I was on CCL when I got a call from office to perform my duty due to the global pandemic, Covid-19. The first thing that happened was, I panicked and became emotional, overthinking everything, what will happen to me? What will happen to my boy?Will I survive? My baby was just 8 months old. As a parent, we all know how hard it is to be away from our kids for any amount of time; it’s hard to imagine having to cope with separating from them for an unknown period [of time], to not be able to hold them in the midst of the pervading fear and anxiety we’re all dealing with.

But as a healthcare worker, we will do it, we have to do it, we have taken the pledge. It is our duty. It is our profession. It is what God has given us to do during our time here on earth. It is the purpose God has given us.
The first week was so distressing as I was posted in Medicine Emergency where all medicine patients come for treatment, around 50% of them were put under suspected Covid patients [ward]. I tried hard to change my ward but [it was] in vain.

I remember how I used to complain to my husband about it, and he replied that God will protect us, we have prayed and we have to trust our prayers. I am so blessed to have a husband like him. So I have to adjust there [in this situation], wearing PPE kit and treating the patients, praying, recollecting the Bible verse that I have learned during childhood in my mind and humming some motivational gospel songs. That’s all I can do. But those small prayers, Bible verses and songs have such a powerful impact on me that I can do my work without any fear!

Praise the Lord!

Moreover, our Church has conducted online live sermons everyday, it helps me to have courage in times of fear, and [understant] our purpose in life. Thank you to all who have taken and will continue to take their part in connecting us with our God, I am without a doubt that many will feel the same too. It helps me reflect on my personal life, my family and most importantly, my relationship with God and my Faith in God. The more I listen to the sermons, the more I have courage and now I am able to sleep peacefully at night and do my duty without any worry. What touched me the most is the prayers of everyone for the Healthcare workers. Thank you and God bless you all, continue to pray for us. With God all these are possible. God will hear us and he will guide us through this storm.”

Inside Hospital ward

Bigger than all my problems
Bigger than all my fears,
God is bigger than everything
that I can or cannot see.

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Chingngaihmuan Hauzel

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