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How to manage In the times of COVID-19:

As we are aware Covi19 and related prevention requirements hits hard on us daily directly or indirecly. Across the world life style change and it is neccesary to balance with the situation. As an an ordinary person, high ranking officer or educated person or who ever you are it is important to balance the scale between panic and carelessness.

Preparedness is they key and you have to be safe and put you near and dear one in a safe place. You have to know what is pandamic and specifically what is covid19, the ways and means to prevention from the disease. Here are some points to help you from in the situation. But please note that this write up does not include the detials of the novel virus.

  1. Stay Informed: It is higly important to be informed about the ways and means of contacting the pandamic Covid19 virus so that you can avoid the disease. Proper utilisation of the prevention items eg. Use of Mask, Hand wahing, Senitisers when, where and how to use and of course social distancing. Please note comonly known social distance is physical distancing.    
  2. Preparedness: After knowing all the required information it is necessary to prepare and have the required items i.e. Good quality mask, places of washing hand(soap, water, Water container)  What is the level of understanding about the pandamic among your family member and where are they? Are they in the hot spot area and so on…..
  3. Spread the Prevention Messages: Share the universally accepted advice around COVID-19 prevention and management. E.g. WHO advice on Coronavirus disease here: Since you are in India it is necessary to know the progress made by India and the status in each of the different location.
  4. Search for opportunities relevant to you:

1. Students Upto HSLC/HSC: you have to lookout for the posibilities of having online class, contact your teachers or School. Find out the guidelines, plans, schedule of online classes, paper less text book, exam from the education department of your state or from the Central government eg. CBSE, NCERT etc.

2. Students above HSLC/HSC for College/Technical Coure Adminssion: For those who will appear for Admission Entrance Exam checkout for the notification for postpondment, new guidelines, reschedule date of exam extenstion.

3. Government Job Seekers. Many of the previously advertised recruitements are potponed so it is neccesary to keep update yourself. And positively this postpondment has given you extra time for your to prepare, so the oportunity should not go invain. Read your area specific subject of traning and do not miss out other relevant areas. Also update yourself with the things that are happening around you and the world. You can also check

  • Financial implications: It may be difficultto predict the level of Covid19 affects on economy but it is cetrain that it will affect economy of individual and of the world. For certain people it will surely be a good time but for most the people on earth it will be difficult time. So you to prepare by creating a plan for managing the unavoidable costs, managing cash flow, delaying the expenditures that may be delayed and so on. Check the government portals and those of local authorities around any support being offered. Revserve bank of India has monetorium plan for credit/loan repayment. And Finance Ministry is offering extensions on filing annual returns. This varies from country to country and region to region and there are many platforms compiling this information on a real time basis. Make sure you are aware about them and by doing your research.

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